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Couples therapy will increase intimacy and understanding in your relationship. 

I work with couples at all different stages of relationship.  Together we will focus on:

  • improving communication
  • increasing trust
  • creating a healthy balance of closeness and independence
  • exploring conscious/unconscious expectations each partner holds
  • developing a more fulfilling and satisfying relationship

Some of the issues I've worked with include: communication, sex/intimacy, jealousy, infidelity, financial concerns, anger, (new) parenting, premarital struggles.


Couples often enter therapy when they are feeling disconnected in some way from one another.  Something is not quite working anymore and it can be hard to figure out what went wrong. Both partners are struggling to feel heard and understood.

I work with couples to help create an environment where each individual has the space needed to express themselves as freely as possible.  By creating an atmosphere of safety and trust, we will explore each person's concerns. Through expressing thoughts and feelings that had yet to be voiced, intimacy and connection grows.  You come to understand yourself and your partner in new ways.

Couples therapy sessions are either 50 minutes or an hour and ten minutes in length.  Together we would decide what time-frame would be best.