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I believe many of us feel stuck in repetitive patterns that no longer serve us.  Our emotional lives “get in the way” of us living the life we desire.  Psychotherapy is a process that expands your ability to be with, think about, and experience your inner world, transforming your emotional life from something troubling into something enriching.  Through this process, you develop a more meaningful relationship with yourself and others.

My approach:

I draw from relational psychodynamic framework. This is a depth oriented approach, focused not only on alleviating symptoms, but getting to the root cause of distress.  This can lead to lasting change rather than temporary symptom reduction.  In addition, this way of working focuses attention on what is happening between therapist and patient as a way to better understand one's inner world and work with it in the room. 

I'm curious about your past (what was it like growing up?), your present (what's it like day-to-day for you?), and your future (what do you want?)

My style is warm, collaborative, and thoughtful.   I am direct but not directive. Meaning, I will openly share my thoughts and ideas with you but will not tell you what to do.